About Us

Founded in January 2019, NovoCom specializes in research and development of all type of the reagents for oligonucleotides synthesis, modification, labeling and purification. The company is located in Biomedical Industrial Park in Suzhou, with convenient transportation access. The company’s main objective is to build a diversified biochemical research and technology service platform for all type of basic research institutions and biopharmaceutical enterprises.


The company’s products cover Terminus modifiers, Fluorescein dyes, Rhodamine dyes, Quenchers, Cyanine dyes, Biotin labeling, Cholesterol labeling, Digoxin labeling and Chemical phosphorylation, RNA&DNA phosphoramidite monomers, Universal support and so on. Also the company researches locked nucleic acid analogues, MGB analogues, GalNAc analogues, and other special customer products. All products of the company are with strict quality control and every batch is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis.


The company serves customers involved in basic research, diagnostics, therapeutics, new drug research. If you are interested in any product of company or would like to have any customer service, please feel free to contact us:


NovoCom Biotechnology


Add: Unit 101, Building 12, Area C, Phase 5, Biomedical Industrial Park, No. 21 Chaoqian Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Tel: +86 512 67298826


E-mail: order@nvcbiotech.com